January 30, 2018

Red Looks Exceptionally Gorgeous On Charu Mehta

Wedding is one such day that demands extensive preparations well in advance with every booking on time to avoid last minute hassles. And the most important aspect of wedding is the bridal dress that should look exotic on the bride. With this thought in mind, Charu Mehta came to Asiana Couture for a Lehenga that should enhance her beautiful looks further. Indeed, she was adamant of the fact that the dress has to stand out and look really gorgeous enough to make her special day extraordinary. She started gazing around the showroom for something exclusive and liked every outfit. It is because the designs look mesmerizing to her.

Then, Charu Mehta discussed the design that she wanted to wear red Lehenga with embroidery, which needs to look extremely royal. So, we assured her of creating a marvelous design that will be exactly as per her needs. Furthering in this direction, we crafted smart design using golden color on the blood red background. We started with giving a heavily embroidered border crafted by using golden threadwork and sequins to decorate it. Indeed, the border appeared to have a Jaal pattern. After bordering the upper part of the pattern with embroidered lace style, the design showcased floral and leaf style made at regular intervals. This portion of the Lehenga was given a pleated style.

Apart from this section, we crafted a bunch of floral and leaf patterns in golden threadwork as well sequins. Definitely, the design looks really gorgeous and is meant to augment the charm of the entire apparel. Keeping the bunch style in a vertical manner, we gave a thin belt style over the waist. And talking about the blouse, we made it heavily embroidered with designer pattern enhancing the looks even more. We know that wedding is the most special day to adorn the best of dresses and our attire for Charu Mehta was intended to boost her charm.

As the dress got ready, we called Charu Mehta for a trial and she fell in love with the dress. Undoubtedly, the dress was more beautiful than her expectations and she stated that it is one of the most gorgeous dresses ever worn by her. She was amongst the happiest customers around with dress designed as per her needs. Being a fashion conscious woman, Charu Mehta made sure that the dress looked really stunning on her. For this, she wore Kundan and Emerald beaded jewelry. All-in-all, Charu Mehta shined like a star in the attire designed by Asiana Couture.