We have seen a lot of overseas clients, but none of them were as creative and full of zeal as our LA bride Naveleen! She was very, very skeptical when she planned on visiting our store. She was uncertain about how we would be able to give her a wedding dress the way she wanted.

Makeup and hair done by Linda Chiriac, she did a fabulous job! She curled Naveleen’s hair and put them on one side. It definitely made her look like a royal bride. Now, in case of makeup, Linda kept it very basic. Applying a subtle foundation, Linda did not use any rouge for Naveleen. She focused on her eyes. She gave black eye-makeup, highlighting Naveleen’s beautiful eyes! Also, Linda gave the finishing touch by applying a matt red lipstick.


We thank Lin and Jirsa for capturing Naveleen’s most important day with such perfection! Wishing her a life ahead full of zeal, adventure and color – just like her wedding attire!