February 2, 2018

Magnetic Appeal Gets Captivated in the Attire for Mahima

Marriages are made in heaven with beautification taking place on Earth by Asiana Couture. Being active in creating marvelous attires, they have been responsible in beautifying the looks of varied brides. And this is what they have done with Mahima, who looked really stunning in her wedding dress. Before coming to Asiana Couture, she was confused as to what should be worn and which type of pattern would enhance her appeal on the wedding day. On entering our showroom, Mahima was amazed at each and every design. She was quite happy to have landed at the right designer, who could realize her dreams of gorgeous wedding dress into reality.

When we asked her that what kind of design or color she would like to wear; she stated that the dress should look really good and everyone may talk about it on the wedding day. Of course, the color has to be a subtle shade suiting her tone. So, we kept it peach pink as the background color. When it came to stylizing her attire, we created a broad border on the lower end to make it stylish. The pattern was crafted with golden threadwork and sequins. Further to this, smaller sized sequined patterns were spread across at regular intervals as the second section.

The pattern on the above portion of the Lehenga skirt was segregated by columns designed in golden threadwork and sequins. Indeed, the pattern was kept leafy. In each and every column, a broad pattern was crafted strictly in sequined style. In order to give a heavier look to the Lehenga, the belt portion was beautified by sequins and threadwork. The beauty of the dress was such that Mahima would really like it. Now, coming to the blouse of the attire, it is decorated with golden sequins throughout. The border over the upper waist and arms end is kept slightly thinner. Even, the duppatta was beautified with sequin pattern at regular distance.

When the dress got ready, we called up Mahima and showed the dress to her. It was love at first sight for her when she saw the wedding dress. She really liked the dress and thanked Asiana Couture for rich craftsmanship on the peach background. In fact, she was really happy with our work and promised us to recommend Asiana Couture to her friends for sure. Of course, we know that weddings are special moments, which should be beautified by exotic dresses; so that the memories last forever. Not just her looks; the attire appeared really marvelous on her, which is explicative in the wedding photographs too.




  • Pallavi February 12, 2018

    Price please

    • KeyalEmpire March 1, 2018

      Hi pallavi, kindly call our helpdesk or visit our store in chandani chowk as this lehenga is custom made bridal lehenga, personalized according to the client.

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