November 15, 2018


In our Indian culture, a wedding is considered an auspicious event. It not only changes the lives of the couple but also brings changes in the life of the whole family. Families are widely involved in all aspects for the entire preparation. Also, a typical Indian wedding has many rituals to make the occasion a memorable one for the couple. The Chura Ceremony is one of the most important rituals performed before the wedding.

As a part of the tradition, the red bangles are made out of lac and the white ones out of ivory. But now, brides all over the country are flaunting these plastic Chura sets containing different numbers of bangles. Typically, they are worn as a part of an auspicious ceremony. Keeping alive centuries-old traditions and rituals, the bride can only see her Chura at the time of her nuptials. This is the reason that relatives of the bride cover the Chura with a cloth at the end of the ceremony. To match up this, you can also go for the “Pre-Wedding Beauty Tips if you are a Bride To Be


After the Chura ceremony, the bridesmaids tie Kalire to the Chura. This has great significance and signifies prosperity in the shape and color. The Kalire is basically a prayer and a wish from the sisters for the bride. It adds a bit of fun element which is similar to the western bouquet toss. This is where the bride drops her Kalire on her bridesmaids and whoever gets a piece is expected to be the next bride in the group.


Over the years, there has been a substantial change in the customs of the Churas considering the comfort of the brides. The bride respects the customs but also wants to create her own unique love story. This also means customizing the duration that a bride wants to wear the Chura.

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