We still remember the zeal in Srishtis eyes when she saw our collection! She entered our store and we could see her feel passionate about our collection! She couldn’t decide on one design, but she knew what she was looking for.

For the lehenga, we went very detailed on the design! The lehenga was velvet, and the intricate work of the lehenga started from the top! With more spacing between the golden designs to more compact designs while going to the bottom of the lehenga, the best part of the design was the the waist of this lehenga had the same wide golden border which the blouse had. This border gave the entire outfit a complete, classy and elegant look.

Here is Urvashi being all royal on her wedding!



Next came the reception! For the reception, Srishti fell in love with a contemporary pink non-bridal lehenga. The lehenga of this attire is like a gown. A-shaped, with appropriate creases, the shape of the lehenga was just right for Srishti to look so, so beautiful!

Coming to the blouse, we had some design only on the blouse of this outfit. The front portion of this blouse had amazing work done in golden.

In conclusion, not only was Srishti a happy bride, but she was a beautiful one!  We wish her the all the happiness and success in her personal and married life! We hope she is always full of zeal and passion as she felt for our designs!


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