November 29, 2018


This is the moment every bride has been waiting for since forever. Early planning is vital at all stages to ensure that that the final outfit crosses all expectations of a bride and it is actually a dream come true. The average time for each outfit depends on customization and attention to detail that can range from 2 months to a full year, depending on the fabric and tiny details.

Twelve Months to Go

For every bride, it is important to know her wedding date before she actually finalizes her dress because styles and textures that might look and feel gorgeous during winter season might not look appealing during the summer/spring time. A thorough recce of the wedding is a must before selecting the outfit. A gown that might be suitable for a beach wedding might not be suitable for a ballroom reception. Wedding date, wedding season and wedding venue creates a high influence in making that final choice.

Three Months to Go

On an average, it takes three months for a wedding to be prepared. Every bride needs to give herself ample time so that that fitting is spot on as she doesn’t want any mishap on her big day and to ensure that her seamstress also gets ample time to fit the dress perfectly. The timing is everything and any delay can result in too many alternations.

Two Weeks to Go

This is where the final assembly takes place, as all pieces come together. Once a bride tries her wedding outfit for the first time, it is inevitable that she might get emotional. In such a case, a bride can have someone close by her side like her mother or maid of honor.

The Day-Of

This is the Grand Finale, D-Day. Every bride must take at least an hour to get into the dress. Wedding outfits like gowns, lehengas take time to be put on especially the ones that have fine detailing, hooks, and multiple buttons. Brides must relax and must not push hard as this might lead to damaging the outfit.


Wondering what your wedding outfits say about you? Well, it definitely talks a lot about your personality.

Glamour only radiates if there is a sublime courage & bravery within: glamour is like the moon; it only shines because the sun is there.


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