December 13, 2018


Indian brides have always preferred the application of mehndi or henna, no matter whether the occasion is big or small. The brides opt for designs that suit their personality and symbolize at least some important aspect of their lives. The best from the henna comes out as and when it grows darker. While traditional designs look mesmerizing, modern brides prefer messages and even hashtags that have become the new IT obsession. The time has come for modern brides to take the tradition to a whole new level, make it as personalized as possible that depicts a story.

Lovely Lace

This style of design emphasis on the aspect of ‘Less is More’ which is quite a task to find in a rather traditional henna design. This is a new modern trend that has emerged and it is here to stay for a long period. The style has got very fine delicate lines of elaborate works that form beautiful patterns and textures that require a well-practiced hand from a qualified artist to achieve finesse and precision. Know the pre-wedding beauty tips to keep it going.

Romantic Rose

No wedding is incomplete without flowers and floral design preparations at the wedding venue. Roses and carnations top the line in the preferred list of flowers. They are not only stunning to look but also considered auspicious with their natural exquisiteness. Modern brides have started to incorporate floral designs in their henna layouts as they embark on a whole new journey.

For the Edgy and Minimalism Loving Bride

Bolder motifs, precise lines are ways to keep modern henna designs minimal yet edgy as compared to its other counterparts. By creating mesmerizing floral designs in negative spaces, this style gives full justice to the colour. Once the bride removes dried henna, the overall look will be enhanced, deep and will last longer. The mandala right in the center adds a conventional feel and a relevance to modern henna designs and concepts.

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