February 9, 2018

Attire that Graces the Bridal Charm with Much Aestheticism

With changing fashion trends, wedding attires are making a big difference in the way people look. And when it comes to the matter of bride, extensive care has to be taken in terms of designing her dress. Same is the case of Mandeep Gill, who wanted to wear something royal for her wedding. This need brought her to Asiana Couture, where she admired the designs displayed around. But, it was her own choice of color and smaller inputs in the dress that enabled us to create something unique for her. The color was bright magenta with golden embroidery that gets highlighted in the more eloquent manner.

The Lehenga skirt edges were decorated with a thinner border in the start, which was made exquisite with a crisscross Jaal pattern. This was created with the marvel of golden threadwork and closed on the other side with same thin border. Well, the other section was enhanced with small designs crafted with golden, blue and red sequins that spread throughout. Indeed, the third section of the design was made exceptionally grand with heavy embroidery in sequins. And definitely, the belt of the Lehenga was decorated with another pattern of sequined work to lend magnificence to the place.

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Shifting concentration on the blouse, it was beautified with golden and light blue sequins. However, the pattern was kept heavily embroidered till elbow-length sleeves. The duppatta of the Lehenga dress was crafted with broad borders through all the corners and small sequin work in circular shape was spread over the entire middle part. This looked really good. As the dress was complete, Mandeep was called for the trails. On trying it, she really liked it and looked like a divine goddess descended on earth. Even, the fittings were perfect as per the size.

Mandeep appreciated the intricate embroidery over Lehenga and its blouse. This made her being a part of our list of happy customers. We know that weddings require exclusive dressing and the bride has to be dressed n the best. This is the reason that we keep designs graceful and imperial; so that she may standout in the crowd of relatives. Of course, our purpose is to ensure that every dress is created smartly with designs suiting our client’s choice. And this was the case with Mandeep Gill, who loved her wedding Lehenga. After all, giving thorough attention to the intricacies in the design is our forte.


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