Well, the fact remains that one should always dress up as per one’s body. And when it comes to styling yourself for your dream day you just cannot afford to goof up. The key to look your gorgeous self with your wedding Lehenga is to know your body, event, your crowd, a theme if any, in your wedding.  As well as one can go co-ordinated with the time and weather of the event like whether is it a day or a night or if it’s a monsoon, spring or a winter wedding. All these factors essentially help ascertain how your wedding Lehenga is to shape up.

  1. Your Body: Whether you are a pear-shaped, apple or a banana body- type, by now you must have figured out what works best on your body. If you are a curvy girl then you should opt for a sleek Lehenga with a snug fit to accentuate your assets. Similarly, with a slender frame you can opt for a can-can flair to make your Lehenga look puffy and if you are the one with those annoying love handles then a little peek-a-boo with your Mid riff renders the right amount of hotness-quotient


  1. The Weather: The fabric of your Lehenga needs to be determined as per the weather. You wouldn’t want to be too stuffy on a summer night reeling under the weight of your heavy brocade zardozi Lehenga. Similarly, whether it’s a winter wedding or a spring, you need to choose on fabrics which aren’t too suffocating and yet remain flattering on your body. In spring you can conveniently go for motifs which are rich in sequins or fluid in folds and drapes to give a snug fit like silk, lawn, prêt.


  1. Number of Events: You need to decide your trousseau as per your need to function. So whether you want to break into a dance on the dance floor or be coyly cemented on your wedding seat, the flexibility of your Lehenga will equip you to carry your outfit with much grace and finesse. There’s no dearth of events when it comes to wedding and so it’s of paramount importance that one is comfortable enough to bear through the entirety of intensive rituals and customs.


4. Latest Trends: Brides often are found harping on to the latest trends in fashion. Undoubtedly, our hot favorite has been Pinks, Peaches and Florals donned by celebrities and fashionistas alike this season. Swarovski and crystals are so last season.


  1. Time (Day or night): You need to also choose the color of your Lehenga as per the time of your wedding. Whether, it’s a morning, day or a night event, one needs to choose color palette which complements their Lehenga with respect to light in the background. Rich embellishments or intricate embroideries flaunt well at night while warm color palates do justice to mornings or Daytime wedding. Your peaches and pinks look as much beautiful in day as nighttime. Thus, Sikh brides look their splendid best in bright colors during the day.


  1. Wedding Theme: Since a wedding is all about the bling, the glitz, and the glam, it’s a no-brainer that Brides invest in themes which are close to their heart. So whether it’s a Harry Potter theme or a lush garden scene, Your Lehenga should be able to replicate the essence of the theme you’ve chosen. Also, these days, lip dubs, cinematic wedding films are much in rage to render brides their own love story on celluloid.


  1. Your comfort: When it comes to comfort, there’s nothing which rings closer to one’ s sense of individual style and grace. It’s your day and your wish should be everyone’s command. If you are one of those brides who wants a tangy orange or a lime Lehenga for the wedding day then you should completely go for it. Call it being creative or borderline unconventional, your day should be about you celebrating and loving the look you carry.



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